Message from the President of the GGHBA

I hope you are each having a great day and taking the time to enjoy where you are and what you are doing. On two recent occasions I was asked a series of questions I had probably been asked before but these seemed to strike me in a different way.

Here’s the questions, “Why are you active in GGHBA, why are you President, and what do you get for being involved?” Both people asking me the questions are not members nor are they in the construction business. They are both good friends that were just curious. Questions sometimes send me down a long winding road of thinking and if you’ve ever spent much time with me you know how chaotic my thinking can get.

I enjoy Homebuilders. I like getting together with people and discussing what is going on in their business or life. I have many friends that Homebuilders draws me closer to. I am president because I like being a part of something that has a meaningful purpose and if I can contribute something I want to. THERE IT IS!!! What you are asking right now is THERE? Many times I have been questioned by another builder or someone asking why they should join Homebuilders. Yes, we have a fabulous Worker’s Compensation Plan. Yes, you get a monthly meal and the opportunity to network. There are many more benefits of being a member.

I am a member of Homebuilders for what I can contribute. Not what I get, but what I can give. The construction industry has been really good to many of us, including me and my family. I get a chance to do what I love while providing for myself and my family. With Homebuilders, I get the opportunity to meet young men and women that are considering the construction field as a career. I get a chance to work with men like Heath McDaniel, Alan Smith, and Marcus Graves. These men work hard every day teaching others a trade that could make their life more fulfilling than if they did nothing.

Last week I attended our Winter Meeting in Montgomery. The Alabama Homebuilders Association is a big deal and Greater Gadsden Homebuilders Association is a big part of it. We are an organization working together not only to protect our industry but to help advance it. As usual, one of the key discussions was workforce development. Most every day I hear someone needing workers and most people complain of the lack of qualified workers out there. While this is a social problem, it is also a grand opportunity for us. I was lucky enough to work for several builders that took a chance on a young man with a questionable attitude and a lack of knowledge. These men took the time to teach me my trade and to also stand strong when I needed help seeing the boundaries. All of that to challenge us to this in the coming days and week, let’s be POSITIVE! More young people will want to learn the things we do if we do a better job of promoting the good benefits of a construction career. Too many times construction is used as a safety when something else doesn’t work out. The building industry is so fulfilling and I am very thankful for what it means to me and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Thanks for listening and thank you for the honor of being your 2018 President, Bobby Dale Welch.

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