About Us

Turning Dreams Into Reality

Almost everyone dreams of one day owning a home. They know it is an excellent way to attain financial security, while providing a healthy, safe environment for family living. Alabama home builders help turn these dreams into reality. Joined together by the Home Builders Association of Alabama, home builders strive to provide the best quality homes, while helping to build a better Alabama.

Economic Development in Alabama

As Alabama grows, so grows its economy and that means more jobs and opportunities for everyone. Right now more than 200,000 people work directly in the home building industry in Alabama. Tens of thousands of others in manufacturing, service, and retail depend on home builders for their livelihoods. There’s no question that the home building industry is vital to the economic well being of Alabama.

Licensed, Qualified, and Professional

The Home Builders Association of Alabama (HBAA) wants consumers to have confidence in the contractor they choose to build or remodel their home. Members of the HBAA can participate in continuing education programs that enhance the builder’s knowledge of the ever-changing construction techniques. HBAA members are also strongly encouraged to carry worker’s compensation insurance. The State of Alabama formed the Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board in support of housing consumers. Now, builders wanting to enter the business are required to meet certain standards, including successful completion of a written test, before they can receive a license to build or remodel a home. Consumers can turn to this new agency to get information on builders.

Reaching Out to Help Our Community

Alabama Home builders contribute thousands of hours each year to community-based programs including the United Way, Habitat for Humanity, the Salvation Army, the Red Cross and a variety of youth programs. Alabama Home Builders are committed to the prevention of child abuse and neglect. In 1994, the Home Builders Association of Alabama joined the Corporate Foundation for Children for a 501(c) Charitable trust called Alabama Home Builders for Children. This partnership gives home builders throughout the state the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of Alabama’s abused and neglected children.

What is a Home Builder?

  • An economic stimulus for local, state, and national communities
  • A benevolent contributor to others in need
  • A concerned conservationist
  • A professional businessperson with licensing requirements and access to comprehensive continuing education program.
  • A major participant in the free enterprise system
  • A builder of the American Dream … The Home!